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    • Licking Ass

      In comes David for work. I tell him I possibly have job for him, but he must suck my dick and lick my ass. I love it when a man tongues my ass. No I need to fuck him. David wanted the job really back.

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    • BGB_01_08_14


      Anton stopped by to get his big, thick uncut cock sucked. Its been while since a guy suck him off and Anton was more than ready!! Sean got right down to business giving Anton the blowjob he came over

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    • BGB_01_07_14

      Study Group

      When the boys get together for a routine study session evidently the last thing on their minds is homework. Tensions begin to rise as group leader Matthew Keading tries to get his classmates to focus

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    • BGB_01_06_14


      The neighbors are back again but this time they have a stranger with them. The lucky neighbors Jay and Ryan have been trying to get Nick to move into a vacant room so all three can have some hot steam

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    • BGB_01_05_14


      I thought I would get my "most tatted-up" guys together. Both guys have an appreciation of tatts, Shiloh was down to play with Braxton, with or without tattoos. Both Shiloh and I agree, Braxton is smo

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    • BGB_01_04_14

      Big Kahuna

      Fresh from the beach, Ryan Keene & Willie Chaz are worked up and ready to unwind. Cooling off, Willie notices the bulge in Ryan's pants, and Ryan notices Willie noticing it. That's pretty much all

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    • BGB_01_03_14


      Eddie works as a bike courier and loves to keep moving. "On a slow day I'll do about 50 miles but when it's busy it can reach 100. It's a little tough in the Winter but I can't imagine doing anything

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    • BGB_01_02_14


      Meet Louie! He is a native New Yorker who is a little rough around the edges. Actually not a little rough, we mean really rough! When the Judge gave him a choice between jail or the military. He chose

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    • BGB_01_01_13

      Austin Merrick

      If you're looking for a super hot guy that's as interesting and talented as he is good looking, Austin Merrick is the dude for you. Austin is hanging out around the pool today, performing some par

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    • BGB_12_31_13

      Tate & Sergio

      When today's update starts, Sergio Valen and Tate Thompson are saying something about mucus. The cameraman insists Tate is very good when it comes to the oral arts of pole love. "That's what I've hear

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    • BGB_12_30_13


      Lawrence was eager to try sucking a cock, and well, I figured he could likely start with a big one! The guy can really deep throat, expertly taking all of Troi's 'Monster Cock' right down to the balls

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    • BGB_12_29_13


      Things kick off with Carson in the shower shaving his face where introduce him to some "help". Dustin joins Carson and starts shaving his face for him as their cocks touch and the water glistens on th

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