Bashful Blake


He’s goofy, cute and sexy.  I’ve always had a thing for guys that I affectionately call “goofy cute.”  Blake Bennett is the epitome of that.  He laughs when being asked about his dick.  He blushes when being asked how his cum tastes.  I thought these were basic (everyday), standard questions.  This would be a turn off for some, but it’s actually very sexy on Blake.  It makes you want to see exactly what he’s working with once he’s nude and ready to bust a nut.  In a world with so many active guys, it’s refreshing to see someone who hasn’t been turned out (yet).  Blake has a nice dick and he loves jerking it.  When he compliments the lube, you know you’re dealing with someone who needs to be handled.  However, in this clip, he’s giving us a solo performance.  We’ll have to wait to watch him get fucked.  Until then, click here for more of Double B, Blake Bennett.