It’s Officially Summertime!


No matter where you are, after you watch this clip, you’ll be embracing summer.  Sean Summers starts the season off in this clip for College Dudes.  This is one hot 23-year-old! Not only is he charming, he’s sexy as hell to look at from any angle.  He has the type of body that 99% of us want assuming you don’t already have it.  Just watching him give a 360 degree look at his body will leave you in awe.  How do these guys do it?!? His co-star in this scene is one lucky leather couch.  What we wouldn’t give to trade places with this couch.  He gives his all as he jacks his dick for us.  He turns around and spreads his cheeks exposing his hairy ass.  Seemed like it was begging for a tongue.  He even gets intimate with his nipples as he prepares to dig deeper into his jack session. Welcome Summer! Click here for more.