Giovani is half Italian/Mexican, so we went with the one n Mexican spelling of his stage name.

On the stage is where this dude excels. He is a stripper (as evidenced by a total lack of pubes) at one of the local gay bars, and I think his audience kept telling him he should be doing porn. Thank you audience!

He is heavily tatted up, and has that whole Jersey Shore grooming thing going on.

He is VERY sexy and moves with flair and style.

Giovani says he jacks-off sometimes a dozen times a day and I believe it. A very sexual guy and he knows his body very well. Awesome job at putting on a show for us!

As he stepped out of the studio, he said there was no way he was doing any gay work, but I will keep at him.  He is making good money dancing, so my guess is he will have enough income to keep himself above water without having to push his limits.

Somehow though, I think this guy would enjoy having his limits pushed. He just doesn’t know it yet!

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