He is very nice, easy to talk too, open-minded (meaning I think he has tried oral with a guy just to see what it was like), and of course, is one of the hottest Gingers I have seen!

He has a hot body too, toned-up from years of playing soccer. The girls like his soccer ass, and he actually likes his butt played with a “little.” Says it makes him cum fast and hard. I can’t imagine him cumming harder or any more than he does in this video!  I swear his dick spasms 8-9 times, spraying DNA all over his chest.

He is a natural showman, and has always wanted to do porn, so was very motivated to show-off to you.  We also tossed in some sock fetish stuff again, taking off his socks, a quick sniff, and then using them to wipe up his magnificent load.

I know I have him back for an oral, and I don’t want to jinx it, but I think he might come back for more.

But for now, please enjoy this Ginger that is smoking hot- from red head to toe!