How about some more Twink action for today? I promise next week I got a Rugby style hair boy for ya to keep things mixed up!

Jessy is a little lean guy. He is gay, but and…sigh…is a Top.  So it’s gonna look a mighty bit odd, trying to have him top some of the meaty beefy guys.

Roger’s solo aired last week and I think putting those two twinks together might be a good way to ease him into it. He is not completely opposed to bottoming, and I am sure the straight guys who bottom, won’t be down with him only topping, after all, he is gay, and they are straight, and they are willing to take a dick for the Team, why not him?

I like this guy.  He is a bit nervous, and his eyes dart around a bit, but geez…what a long rope of cum that shoots out of his tiny frame! I just had to put a CamCap of it shooting out! Amazing!

Next week he and Ransom go at it. It is a Serviced video, but not in the traditional sense, as the two just go at it like hungry cock-sucking monsters!

Anyway, enjoy him, I hope I can match him up with Roger.

Don’t worry, I know I aired two lean and  young guys in a row, but we got some other beefier guys coming online om the coming weeks. For those of you who like a little variety, there is a lot to chose from in the ChaosMen meat buffet!

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