Trey Evans & Kirk Cabot


Look who made it back to BSB? Kirk Cabot! The stud made the splash with his solo video. Today he is paired with Trey Evans, who also made hearts go pitter patter with his solo.

This will be the first time either has been with guy, and both are all nervous smiles. Trey more so because he’ll be doing the yeoman’s work, while Kirk leans back for the ride.

They strip to their boxers. Kirk sits on the bed, and it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the trail of fur from his crotch to chest. Trey plays with his scene partner’s dick through the boxer’s fabric, but soon enough both lads get naked.

Trey gingerly puts Kirk’s dick in his mouth. The camera lingers on Kirk’s face, his eyes closed and lips pursed. He looks so kissable.

This might be Trey’s first time with dick in his mouth, but judging from his own member he’s satisfied with the situation.

When asked how Trey’s oral services are, Kirk smiles approval. He doesn’t even have any suggestions for improvement

Trey keeps his tongue focused on Kirk’s bloated head, licking it like a big lollipop. Trey’s a natural when it comes to dick love. Think of him as BSB’sversion of Roy Hobbs (Google is your friend�.grin).

Kirk stands up, and Trey takes as much as he can. He doesn’t choke, but his throat does occasionally contract due to the filling.

Kirk gets back on the bed, spreading those furry legs. Trey snuggles up and continues blowing. He tongue baths the balls and rigid shaft. He starts jerking himself and sucking Kirk, and it’s difficult to do both. He must be doing the trick because he drops a hot load on Kirk’s furry thigh.

Trey diligently works to coax a nut out of Kirk. He pulls off and allows Kirk to stroke the prize for himself. The novice pole sucker looks like he wants to put his mouth back on that Kirk rod so he can taste some jizz. Alas he doesn’t. When Kirk loses his nectar, it makes his chest and stomach hair wet and slimy.

After the boys calm down, the pair are pleased with how things went. Hopefully this will entice them back for more action! Betting Trey would be a tempting delicacy in a hot three-way.