Gabriel Clark is a sneaky guy with a lot of kinky fetishes once you get to know him. When he pounded a tied-up Anthony Romero in “The Intruder,” we couldn’t help but wonder what other tricks he had up his sleeve. So we went up to interview him in Montreal where he shows us the perfect city view from his apartment. Almost immediately, he pointed out one building in particular — a university library he described as “a great place to cruise.” So of course we had to follow him on one of these outings to see just how he did it…

When he got there, it was so easy for him to pick up another sexy French-Canadian stud that you could call it art! The stranger in question was Francis Houde — a tall, lean bad boy who also clearly knew what he was doing. And when they got back to Gabriel’s place, the chemistry was INSTANT! Francis immediately took the submissive role as Gabriel completely dominated him, kissing him, sucking him off, sixty-nining himbefore plowing his world-famous cock into Francis tight hole like a torpedo exploding on impact.

After it was all over, I have to say this was one of the hottest Gabriel Clark scenes we’ve shot since he first met him!