James Ryder


Horny Giovanni is just getting out of the shower and luckily tatted up surfer stud, James Ryder, is there to help him out of his towel.  James wastes no time wrapping his mouth around the twink’s big thick uncut cock.  The more he slurps, the bigger Giovanni gets.  When Giovanni is nice and hard, he gets the surfer to sit back and peel his pants off.  His dick is huge.  It’s nestled inside his tight, sweat-moistened underwear and sticking to his fuzzy balls.  It rolls out and Giovanni catches it in his mouth.  He sucks and licks away at the shaft until James is throbbing hard.

The pants and underwear and socks all drop to the floor and Giovanni continues his quest to pump for cum.  He pulls out a condom and slides it down hand over fist onto James’ waiting cock.  The twink takes a seat on the giant dick and starts to ride.  He gets it inside and rides it up and down until he finally can’t take it anymore.  Our cameraman had to jump in and tell him to take it slow, which he did for about 2 seconds before he threw in the towel.  James saves the day by volunteering to take it up the ass.  Now Giovanni needs help again since his asshole is sore and throbbing so James again, takes the reigns and uses his deep wet mouth to make the twink hard again.

James hops on and really goes to town.  He’s loud and vocal and Giovanni’s dick hurts but feels good at the same time.  He fucks away harder and harder.  As he does, his cock stays hard as a rock.  It flips and flops and bounces around side to side, up and down, and in circles – both clockwise and counterclockwise.  There isn’t a direction that his cock doesn’t hit!  As his cock flies in every direction, the moaning doesn’t stop.  Giovanni needs a new position and bends the surfer over the back of the couch and pounds him doggie style.  He fucks James until he yells that he’s going to cum.

Giovanni pulls out and sprays the face of James hitting his mouth, his big pink lips, his rosy cheeks and his thick dark eyebrows.  Cum is everywhere as the twink slides his foreskin back and forth over the tip of his thick, throbbing and oozing dick.

They switch it up and James stands over Giovanni.  He works his pole hard and the veins start popping.  With a final grunt and giant half scream, James dumps his load on the face of the twink.  His cum is extra thick and looks more like frosting than a liquid.  It lands right in Giovanni’s eyes and gets in his hair and face and stays put where it lands.  The twink opens his eyes and the thick white cum sticks to his eyelids without even running down into his eyes.  James flops his cock to get the extra cum off the tip and moans harder as we leave them drenched in each others sticky white jizz!