Dorian & Rob


Dorian and Rob are real life boyfriends who like showing off for the camera.  They’re both hairy and on this hot day, a little bit greasy looking.  They start by making out very loudly and almost violently with lots of sucking and slurping.  Dorian is horny as all fuck and is the first to get into the others underwear.  He munches on Rob’s hairy cock as his long hair tickles Rob’s hairy stomach.  Rob is eager to get some cock himself and is soon on his hands and knees chowing down on Dorian’s hard cock.  As Rob sucks away, his spit flows down Dorian’s big shaft and drips off his plump balls.

It’s getting hot in the apartment and you can see both of these hairy guys starting to sweat.  The sweat pours off of Dorian as he gets down and rims Rob’s tight hairy asshole.  They take turns, sucking and rimming each others hairy cocks and holes.  Dorian wants to fuck Rob in the worst way.  He gets his condom on and Rob jacks him off while jacking himself off.  Just when Dorian is about ready to slide it inside his sweaty boyfriend, Rob announces that he’s going first.  He flips Dorian’s legs in the air and plants his cock balls deep inside his lucky boyfriend.    Rob’s balls slap hard on Dorian’s tight ass while he fucks his hole almost like a machine.

Rob flips his other half over and takes him from behind, fucking him doggie style before they once again change positions to have Dorian hop on to ride Rob’s dick.  That’s all it takes for Dorian.  He blows his load with zero effort.  His cum erupts from his hard dick and sprays the couch they’re fucking on.  A few seconds later, Dorian is servicing Rob for his final curtain call.  He sucks the big hairy dick in front of him like a pro.  As Rob’s hairy nuts swing back and forth, he pulls out and sprays Dorian’s face with his jizz.  It’s a gigantic facial!  Rob’s cum seems to be never ending as he slathers Dorian’s face and paints it white.  Dorian is a cum drenched mess as Rob stoops down to take back his deposit with his own tongue!