How about a hot Latin guy to start off your Monday?

Ramon has got a great body on him, as well as being nicely endowed.

He likes girls that have a total package, and says he is kind of picky about girls he dates. Though it sounds like he gets plenty of action as he says he only jacks-off a couple times a week due to having girls on hand.

We had to scrub through a lot of straight porn to find some girls he really likes.

Ramon is more comfortable with the still photos than he was the video. He’s not sure how to play to the video cameras, which I think is kind of charming. His dick. on the other hand, loved the attention.  This was one of those solos that shot itself in no time at all.

We even get to see his absolutely perfect butt hole. I don’t think after 900 videos I have seen one so perfect! Kind of a weird thing to highlight, given his awesome cock, but the footage of his bootie hole is kind of hot.

I don’t know if we will be seeing more of Ramon. He only wanted to do a solo, and REALLY wants to do straight porn, but who knows, maybe a blow job video will tempt him if that doesn’t pan out.

So nothing in works as far as more vids, so enjoy Ramon’s solo! (for now?)