Nice goes a long ways sometimes!

Trent is super sweet and well, just a nice guy.  Every now and then, one  the models shows up and they  have great personalities and you just feel like you’ve been friends for a long time.  My friend Bill gave him a ride back to the airport and he was similarly impressed.

His smile is amazing. Big pearly whites and just a naturally happy guy. You definitely want to hang with him.

He was very eager to do the solo and will likely do an oral video for next week. Trent’s got a cute ‘lil bod on him, and his dick is pretty amazing too. He was another guy who thought he had totally grown out his pubes, (Really? That’s full bush? lol) but I think the trimmed look is just fine on his body.

His solo is awesome. He wasn’t picky about the porn, so was easily turned on. Or maybe he just liked to show off!