Bryan & Ransom


A few of you have been hinting around for me to perform in a full sex film.  I kind of set my own boundary/limit on the amount of interaction I have with the guys. I have seen lots of comments about other porn producers in their videos, and the peanut gallery is not very kind.  I am getting closer to 50 (and it shows) so I kind of wanted to do something while I am still within an acceptable weight parameter.

You can thank Ransom for this video. He kept at me about doing this video. I put it off a couple times, before I got the nerve up. I know I am not the youngest guy in the porn world, but I figure maybe my more mature audience members might like seeing the older dawg take on the younger pup.

I think you can tell we had a lot of fun and we shot the thing straight trough. with only a couple pauses to move cameras around.  It is always a challenge when playing with Ransom because he cums so quickly when being fucked. I finally gave up, not sure if we had enough time to make a standard video, but it turns out the timing was good. Besides, I love making Ransom bust.

If the reaction to this video is good, I may do 7 more so I can make a DVD or just a compilation.  It surprises me that I have models suggest doing videos with me.

I am not examining the model’s motives too closely, because frankly, a hot dude wants to have sex with me….for a price of course!  Thankfully, Ransom did this one for fun. We have been talking for over a year about sharing private time with you all.

We both had fun. We hope you do too!