Carver was moving to my neck of the woods after living in the Pacific Northwest. He had enough of rain, and wanted to get back to the heat.  He loves to skateboard and swim, so he was happy to be back where it is nice pretty much all year.

Carver doesn’t seem too picky about the girls he bangs. Whatever porn I played for him did fine for him. He had told me he was always horny, but I hear that a lot.  He certainly was up and ready to go in no time.

He isn’t very tall, but has a pretty hefty cock on him. He tells me during his interview that he likes to fuck in the shower. He wanted to do his cumshot standing, so I assumed shower sex works for him because he gets to stand, but I think after seeing him unload, it has more to do with clean-up!

Carver must ejaculate for 15 seconds with ropes of cum pouring out. The dude can seriously nut, and I have no idea how none of the cum hit the camera! I think one squirt hit me on top of the head, but the rest hit the towel I had setup on the ground.

Thank goodness it was a beach towel as he sprayed everywhere!  Definitely one of the top cum shots on the site!

He is pretty adorable after he nuts. He laughs all embarrassed by the amount and force that he got behind it!