Cy is another one of those guys that is “allegedly” straight.  I seem to have a run into a lot of them lately.

During the interview, he was a lot more forthcoming about sex with guys.  A drunken incident he talked about earlier, suddenly turned into “numerous occasions”.  I do not know why I sound surprised when he says this, perhaps because the previous hour it was all “straight talk”.

I honestly do not like writing speculation on a guy’s sexuality. It is so fluid, and after years of doing this, it is certainly not black and white.  But I think I am like most of the audience who roll their eyes and says, “Straight?”

Ok, enough about that. Regardless of where he falls on the Kinsey Scale, this is one exceptionally cute and adorable guy!  There is something about his blonde short cropped hair and facial features that just work. And his smile, wow! He just smiled his way through the photo shoot, and I am glad he did! He shines!

Cy did not have to let his hair grow out. He likes it natural, and fussing over it is not his style. He is not crazy hairy all over, but it is enough hopefully to make hirsute fans happy.

Overall, Cy is just an adorable, attainable,  guy-next-door type that I think most dudes would gladly like to see what he is like in bed if given the chance.