Trying to mix things up a bit. I found this cute guy from Egypt. He was down to do a solo but we were waiting for a scar to heal, and for him to grow his pubes out, and maybe get some weight on him.

Well, we didn’t do that great. We waited a couple months for the scar to diminish, and it isn’t too bad.  He had grown out his pubes and was trying to put on some mass, but of course you can tell Orin is all lean muscle.  Not sure what happened on the pubes. He sent me update photos and we were good to go, then he showed up overly trimmed. Sorry guys! I tried!

Orin seemed pretty nervous, so I put him in front of the computer so he could feel more at home.  It did the trick and his mighty thick cock was quickly standing at attention.

He had to stop a couple times during the first part of the video…just getting close way too soon. I think he even takes his earphones off because just the sound of the girls getting banged was gonna make him shoot.

And a nice cumshot he has! He even squirts himself in the face! Definitely ready to bust that nut!

Gonna try and see how he does receiving head. I sense some sugar there, but he seems very certain that girls are for him.