Red Hot


When Anthony is around, do we really need introductory prattle? We know his two holes are going to be used and he’s going say “fuck, bro” when his prostate is smashed :-)
Today’s update begins with him on his knees chowing down on some dick. Anthony’s partner puts his hands on Anthony’s head and feeds him ginger dick. When the camera pulls away we see Spencer “Red Rocket” Todd!

Anthony’s gag reflex gets a new limit. He knows his ass is next. A condom is put on Spencer’s salami, and our models go all “Gone With the Wind.” Spencer channels his inner Rhett and picks Anthony up. Scarlett/Anthony is put on the edge of the couch. His pants are pulled down to his knees and Spencer takes the hole at once. The influx of red cock is so intense, Anthony can barely whisper the pain/pleasure of it all.