Broke Straight Boy Oliver Brown is hot. On just another BSB day at the office, newbie Oliver Bowen kicks back on our couch ready for his solo. As soon as filming begins, we can’t help but notice two things about this slab of grade A beef. He’s got killer calves and is built like a mountain. “I stay active,” Oliver says to the cameraman. “I’m into triathlons, long distance running, scuba diving, and biking. Anything that keeps me fit.” This 22 year old hottie is also a musician specializing in playing bongos and keyboards for a few local bands.

When he takes off his shirt, it’s hard not to stare at Oliver’s nipples. They are the size of quarters and require chewing. Oliver quickly gets to jerking. He lacks any of the standard newbie nerves and plays to the camera while fondling his meat. Oliver has an impressive jerking technique, alternating between long and short stroking. When he stands up, we got an amazing peek at his incredible round muscular ass. Actually, everything about Oliver is muscular and round. From his feet, to those hairy thick thighs, to his arms. Who wouldn’t want to service this dude? And his eyes? Hypnotic. Willing to bet he can make anyone debase himself with just a look. Click here to see more of Oliver Brown