Twins! Jeff and John are identical twins who just turned 19 years old. Jeff is the one with the longer hair. John’s hair is shorter. Many have often wondered what it would be like to have a twin. Would it be weird seeing yourself every day? And would you even get along? That doesn’t seem to be a problem with these two. Apparently these guys went out to dinner  before the shoot and they would occasionally, out of the blue, look at each other and laugh. It was like they had an inside-joke-telepathy thing going on or something. They both identify as straight and say they haven’t done anything sexual together (yet). But they have discussed it. The interesting thing about Jeff and John is that even though they are identical, their cocks are not. Jeff’s is longer and curves to his right, while John’s is shorter and straighter. It seems like John is the more curious of the two. You be the judge! Click to enjoy more of the Twins, Jeff and John.