Angelo, the hot Italian Stallion from Brooklyn returns to Manhattan for more service!
As with the other guys, we mentioned to him that Timmy is studying massage and offered him Timmy’s “services”.
He jumped at it, just as long as it involved a blow job and rim job. How could we and Timmy refuse?

Timmy starts off giving Angelo a professional rub down, that quickly turns “unprofessional”.
He quickly puts his tongue up Angelo’s hairy straight ass. Angelo loved it, we even caught the expressions on Angelo’s face as Timmy got his tongue deep inside. Angelo gets on all fours to give Timmy’s mouth better access to his ass. Timmy dives right in, not only does he eat Angelo’s ass he rubs his face up and down in that straight guy’s hairy ass crack.

Now the time comes for some cocksucking. Angelo rolls over, Timmy goes to massage his pecs but Angelo pushes Timmy’s mouth down on his cock. Angelo lays back enjoying the suck job that Timmy is delivering. He puts his hands behind his head and spreads his legs.
Next, Angelo stands on the table so Timmy’s mouth is now right at cocksucking level. Timmy takes advantage of the new position and deep throats Angelo’s cock.

Angelo’s favorite way to cum is looking at some pussy porn, lesbian to be specific. So we put some on, Angelo sat on the edge of the table, Timmy between his legs, head bobbing up and down. He was really going to town slurping on that cock. Angelo pushes Timmy’s mouth onto his balls and starts to jerk his own cock, exploding with hot spunk all over Timmy’s face! Click for more Angelo