Felix Ryha is such a handsome guy, and he gave us such a great solo shoot that we had to invite him back for a massage as soon as possible. As it starts we have Felix stripping down to his underwear, showing that awesome body. He lays on the bed as Borek Sokol arrives to massage him. Borek takes some oil in his hands and begins to, slowly, work the hands over Felix’s muscled back. The hands move up and down the back, working the muscles nice and deep. Borek straddles Felix, sitting on his legs so that he can use nice long strokes up the spine with his thumbs. He pulls the underwear down some so that he can focus on the ass as well. His hands squeeze those lovely butt cheeks and then they move in a circular motion. Lowering the underwear so that the ass is completely naked Borek takes more oil and returns to working. Scooting down a little Borek then begins to massage Felix’s thick thighs. Moving to the side again he then works the oil all up and down the legs. He sqeezes the hairy thigh calf muscles anad moves onto Felix’s feet. Removing Felix’s underwear Borek then spreads the legs wide apart and goes back to massaging that sexy ass. His hands rub up and down that ass crack and he pulls Felix’s cock back through the legs. Then Felix goes onto his knees and Borek wanks on that big cock. As he wanks the rock hard cock he also slides a finger into Felix’s tight hole. The finger slides in and out of the hole in time with the wanking. Felix’s cock is swollen to it’s fully erect length as Borek continues to wank it. He also takes a vibrator and slides it into Felix’s hot ass. Felix jumps some as he feels it go in but manages to take it for a while. Then he turns over and lays on his back. Borek oils Felix’s beautiful chest and abs as he also rubs his hands over the big cock and balls. He wanks on the cock getting it nice and hard again. He really wanks it fast, changing hands, until Felix cums, shooting a nice creamy load. As he cums Felix’s head lifts of the bed. Borek milks the cock to make sure it is completely drained. He smears that cum over Felix’s body. Then they both go off to the shower where Borek washes all the oil and cum from Felix. Felix then stands under the water showing off that awesome body as the video ends. Click for more Borek Sokol & Felix Ryha