What do you have when you have two very horny straight guys and a very late cocksucker who is stuck in the subway? You have two hot and horny stud taking matters in their own hands! (and mouths). Josh and Frankie were each to get sucked off (separately) but our sucker was stuck in the subway. When he called from the platform saying he didn’t know when he would get here, these two New Yorkers decided they wouldn’t wait. They each got some time away from home and didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so they took full advantage, of each other! Josh stripped away Frankie’s suit, kissing and nibbling along the way. We let these two stud just do their own thing with no direction from us whatsoever. This movie has all the right stuff, kissing, cocksucking, rimming and of course cumming…..LOADS OF CUM!  It’s a must see movie where a Jock and Suit meet up unexpectedly, in front of our cameras. Click for more Josh & Frankie