Doug the bike messenger was in need of a no strings Blow Job. His gf has been away for a few weeks and he hasn’t gotten any head since she left.

He arrived after a riding the bike all day on the hot Manhattan streets. He was ripe to say the least. While that didn’t bother Ben,  we felt it would be the perfect opportunity to see this hairy stud all wet and soapy.

Ben proceeded to wash him all over from his head to his hairy ass to his big feet. Ben then laid his lips onto Doug’s hard cock that was waiting to get sucked. Ben started to blow Doug right in the shower.

About half way through the blow job, Doug decided he wanted to sit down while he got his blow job finished off. So they moved to the tub, where Doug took a seat on the edge and Ben took his place between his hairy legs.

Ben sucked and licked Doug’s hairy cock till Doug couldn’t stand it any more, he let loose and exploded his load all over! Click for more Doug