Things kick off with Carson in the shower shaving his face where introduce him to some “help”. Dustin joins Carson and starts shaving his face for him as their cocks touch and the water glistens on their beautiful bodies. It isn’t long before they are embraced in a nice, wet kiss and playing with each others cocks. The kissing is intense as these two troopers get right down to business.

Dustin pushes Carson against the shower wall as they tongue each other and strokes one another’s cocks. Dustin’s cock is raging hard as he goes down and starts working on Carson’s cock as Carson throws his head back and enjoys the ride. He doesn’t shy away in the least when it comes his turn to suck Dustin’s dick in return but he gives a little nipple nibbling and chewing before making his way down the treasure trail and taking Dustin’s cock in his mouth. This is when all hell breaks loose as third trooper joins the fold.

Austin has been away for awhile and he’s really hungry for some action. He joins Carson and Dustin in the shower for some Intense play. His cock is hard in no time at all and Dustin is more than happy to give it some attention for him as he sucks Austin’s cock while Carson keeps the pace on his. Austin has obviously missed playing with his AD buddies and it isn’t love before he’s sitting on the shower floor behind Dustin, eating his sweet little asshole, licking and tonguing it hungrily as Carson sits opposite of him and continues sucking Dustin’s dick, giving Dustin the best of both worlds front and back. Click for more Austin, Carson & Dustin