Ryan Russell is hanging around, up to no good, just waiting for trouble to come along and find him one afternoon when Lawson Kane comes around the corner. Upon seeing Ryan, Lawson stops in his tracks and watches as Ryan puts on a show. Convinced of Ryan’s motives, Lawson approaches and in no time, the guys have moved up to Lawson’s flat. Ryan strips out of his clothes as he strokes Lawson’s cock through his shorts, dropping to his knees and downing Lawson’s cock with his mouth. Lawson grows as Ryan throats him, then he returns the favor, pushing Ryan up against the wall as he spreads his cheeks and eats his ass before standing up and sliding his cock in. Pumping Ryan’s ass against the wall like that, Lawson’s body tingles and flexes with each thrust, and Ryan feels the full meat of Lawson’s offering with every push. Ryan loses his nut all over the floor as Lawson continues to fuck him until he’s bone dry, then it’s Lawson’s turn, pulling out and shooting a load up Ryan’s back as Ryan dismounts just in the nick of time. Click for more Lawson Kane & Ryan Russell