Ian & Tate


Here is a BSB axiom to consider: the newbies who make quick returns always turn out to be the best performers. Maybe it’s the cash, or possibly they learn the ropes real fast. Whatever the reason, newbies who get back on that BSB horse have a great track record. That long winded introduction is all about Tate Thompson, who is sitting next to Ian Dempsey. “I’m new. I’m new, but I’m going to try to figure this out,” Tate says to the cameraman. The cameraman turns his attention to Ian, who he has never met before.”Tell me something cool,” the cameraman asks. Ian shares a story about his high school graduation. He gave an 11-minute speech based on “The Hangover.” It went over well, but the administrators were not pleased because it wasn’t approved. Apparently during auditions he was told that leaving the script would cause some problems. Click for more Ian & Tate