Meet Louie! He is a native New Yorker who is a little rough around the edges. Actually not a little rough, we mean really rough! When the Judge gave him a choice between jail or the military. He chose to go to war. Now he is back stateside, and “patrols” the mean streets of NYC. What is he on the hunt for? Well, among other things he is always looking for someone “who can suck a good cock” as he puts it. Louie is not the kind of guy you would want to meet up with in a back alley, unless you were going to give him a blow job. He and his “brothers” as he calls them, are always looking for the perfect mouth. Louie said “back in the day” he and his “pals”were getting head off of guys, because they learned early on that guys just suck better.They just never admitted it to each other. It wasn’t till after he got back from the military that he and his “brothers” let on that they all will allow a guy to suck their dick if there isn’t a chick around. This thug really got Ben going! Louie got so into the blowjob and using Ben’s mouth that Ben took out his own cock and started jerking it on camera. That is something until now, he was too shy to do! Click for more Louie