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June 27, 2019

By L de L

Finished game of thrones and Chernobyl, it seems that it is the ability of the HBO chain to offer controversial series does not decrease, this time the new series of the chain Euphoria meets all expectations, because even before its release had generated controversy, which has been increased with only two chapters available, which have generated a large number of articles.

If at this point you still do not know the reason for so much controversy, it can be summed up in: adolescence, drugs and sex, subjects that alone have already been treated in previous occasions, so why so much commotion? because of the explicitness of the scenes, the amount of nudes and erect penises.

Being the LGTB collective quite well represented, since the first sexual scene of the series is starred by a trans girl and the attractive actor Eric Dane quien interpreta el papel de un atractivo maduro que lleva una doble vida.

Hoping that curiosity has stung you, we are waiting for new chapters to see how the series progresses and if the controversy that accompanies it before its premiere remains or was only a skillful promotion strategy.

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