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A Series and A Comedy

February 16, 2019

By: LdL

Today touches a bit of entertainment, and for that what better to talk about two giants such as Disney and Universal Studios.

Of the first we talked recently, and the truth is that it does not stop giving us surprises, this time is given by means of one of his series of t.v. for teens, Andi Mack is the series in question in which one of his characters Cyrus Goodman, played by Joshua Rush, confesses to his best friend, -not without a bit of nervousness- that he is gay while they choose food in the middle of a meeting , receiving as a response a brief and standardized “okay, great”

And since we are still in the month of February, we echo a news from Hollywood, since the Universal studios will produce a gay romantic comedy after 22 years since the last one was released, little is known about the film, except that will be produced by Judd Apatow, directed by Nick Stoller and starring Billy Eichner, although we still need to know who will be the co-star and the expected date for its premiere, we are sure it will be welcome, we just have to wait and wish it was up to the expectations generated.


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