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Celebrities, film and television as mechanisms of gay visibility

October 9, 2017
Celebridades, cine y televisión como mecanismos de visibilidad gay

The historical problem of gay individuals has been the fear of exposing their own sexuality when it differs from the supposed normality. The solution to that problem is visibility.

The fact that celebrities expose publicly their homosexual status offers a vision of normality that helps others to imitate them and dare to stop hiding their condition and come out to live it openly.

The television and film production of the Hollywood industry is unveiled as an effective standardization tool, even for transsexuality. Its preponderant position in the world makes its series, celebrities and films as examples to imitate.

It is no longer strange to find homosexual characters in the plots, something that did not happen before.

Within the American industry the sisters Wachowski, Lilly and Lana, who achieved the popularity directing Matrix like Andy and Larry Wachowski, are some of the most combative celebrities. They are the creators and directors of Sense 8, a series of Netflix, where one of the protagonists, Nomi, is transsexual and is interpreted by Jamie Clayton, who is transsexual in turn.

In the series Glee one of the main characters, Kurt, is openly gay and leaves the closet during the series. It is interpreted by Chris Colfer, who is also openly gay.

In the esteemed series Orange Is The New Black also appears a transexual personage named Sophia Burset that is interpreted by the transsexual actress Laverne Cox.

But the most common thing is not to coincide the actor’s sexual orientation with that of the character, such as Hillary Sank in Boys Do not Cry, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl or Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent.

There is a sterile debate as to whether homosexual characters should be represented by actors who coincide in the same sexual orientation. There are those who argue that this communicates the image of gays as men wearing wig and makeup. In the opposite band there are those who propose that homosexual actors also interpret non-gay roles as a sign of normalization.

In the dimension of celebrities, Chaz Bono and Stepen Ira Beatty are recognized transsexuals.

We hope and desire that these themes will soon stop to be subject of debate, and that whoever can play a dramatic role regardless of sexual orientation, whether actor or character.

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