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Celebrities protest against “gay cure”

October 9, 2017
Celebridades protestan contra la decisión que permite 'curar a gays'

The singer Anitta recorded a video against the decision of the federal judge of the 14th Federal District Court Waldemar Cláudio de Carvalho that opens a gap for psychologists to offer the sexual reversion therapy, known as “gay cure”, treatment prohibited by the Federal Council of Psychology (CFP) since 1999.

The decision addresses a request from the psychologist Rozangela Alves Justino in an open trial against the school, which censured the professional to offer the therapy to their patients.

“Today is a very sad day for all the Brazilian population, I just know that it has been considered to be a disease to be gay, to be bisexual, to be homosexual, I am devastated inside and I want to send all my solidarity to my audience, I do not know how we can help, but I am praying that our representatives pay attention to what is really important, which is to repair our misery, our corruption, our lack of education, our education, even for anyone else to commit such stupidity”, says the singer, in a video posted on Monday night, 18.

The post was published with a bilingual legend, in English and Portuguese: “Brazil is devastated and the authorities concerned with whom we want to relate. Parents, do not force your children to seek a cure for a disease that does not exist, based on this political fact. This endless quest can really make you sick”.

For the CFP, the preliminary ruling, pronounced last Friday, opens the dangerous possibility of using sexual reversion therapies. According to the entity, “the action was moved by a group of psychologists who defended that practice, which represents a violation of human rights and has no scientific basis.”

According to the CFP, in the prior justification hearing the entity was against the action, “presenting legal, scientific and technical evidence that refuted the petition”. Representatives of the CFP stressed that homosexuality is not considered pathology, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) – an internationally recognized understanding. They also warned that sexual reversion therapies do not have resolution, as studies by national and international scientific communities point out, as well as causing sequels and grievances to psychic suffering. The CFP reports that the process is in its initial phase and states that it will appeal the preliminary decision.

Other celebrities also used their social networks to protest against the decision. The singer Pabllo Vittar, featured in the first weekend of Rock in Rio, was succinct: “We are not sick,” he wrote in the legend of a photo in which he appears with the LGBT banner.

Daniela Mercury, on the other hand, published a photo in which appears smiling next to its wife, Malu Verçosa. “It gives to perceive that we are sick, sick of love, sick of mutual respect, sick for our family, we are sick of happiness!”

The humorist Paulo Gustavo, who is also homosexual and married to the dermatologist Thales Bretas, published a video in which he makes an ironic joke about ‘gay cure’. “I am taking everything that is a remedy for improving homosexuality, but I am not getting it …” he says.

Another personality who ‘joked’ about the situation was the journalist Fernanda Gentil, who assumed to be a lesbian and in love with journalist Priscila Mantandon. “Trying to cure myself of this disease, but it is difficult …”, published in his Instagram.

Actor Bruno Gagliasso called the decision ‘imbecile’. “Going to sleep with that imbecility I just read. Judge, love is not disease and who needs treatment is you”.

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