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Gay orgies fashion in videoclips

January 25, 2018
fischerspooner topbrazil

In the last 6 months we have enjoyed some music videos where gay orgies are explicitly shown.

Last June the singer José Alfredo Lorente Castillo, born in 1994 in Puerto Rico, and known artistically as “José Alfredo“, (not to be confused with the Mexican singer José Alfredo Jiménez Sandoval deceased in 1973) published the video “Si me besas“. The singer, whose popularity is increasing in Spain and Latin America, revealed in the video his homosexual status taking part in a gay orgy. A fantastic way to come out of the closet!

Now comes Fischerspooner, an electroclash duo from New York whose name comes from joining the last names of the two components Fischer and Spooner, and they release their song “TopBrazil” with a video that also shows a gay orgy in all its splendor.

In both cases the images are softcore, nothing pornographic (they will not risk to be forbidden in the music video channels) but the images are indisputable.

Will it turn out that gay orgies are in fashion?

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