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July 21, 2019

By L de L

Maybe many do not know who Alan Turing was, however, the current world would hardly be the same without the contributions made by this genius of mathematics, since not only can he be considered the father of computers, but during World War II His knowledge was decisive in deciphering the messages of the Enigma machine, a fundamental contribution in the triumph of the allies.

But this genius was … gay and could not dodge the laws of the time, so after a scandal for theft, it was discovered that he had intimate relations with another man, and he was forced to submit to chemical castration, a fact that plunged him into a painful physical and psychic situation, which led to his suicide.

This tribute in the form of a 50-pound note, joins the forgiveness that Queen Isabel granted her in 2013, so from here we thank her for her contribution to the ease with which we gays can interrelate. In 2014 he premiered a very interesting film about his figure and contribution.

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