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A film about an awakening to gay love without remorse

December 3, 2017
Call me by your name

The film “Call me by your name“, directed by Luca Guadagnino and based on a book by André Aciman, coming soon, will tell the story of love between a teenager and a young man. The film script is by James Ivory, which already makes us foresee the quality that the film will have.

It is about the beautiful story of a first love during a summer in Italy, along which neither rejection nor shame come into play. In this way the film takes distance from the classic vision of gay love as something hidden and shameful, and shows it as something of absolute normality. Many will ask, where was this movie when I was a teenager?

The protagonists of the story are Elio, a 17-year-old precocious musician, a nerd obsessed with music, and Oliver, 24, an arrogant American doctoral student. Both are Jews, something that unites them, although they don’t start the best way. But in the course of 6 weeks Elio discovers his desire for Oliver and seduces him. In the end they regret not having met before and wish they could have had more time to be together.

The author of the novel does not like to label his book as an LGBT romance, although it has becme since its publication date, in 2007, into a modern classic of gay literature. Guadagnino is, on the other hand, a well-known provocateur in his role as a film director, and the themes that the film touches, the passage of Elio from boyhood to adulthood, the relationships between adults and minors are of his liking.

Although the story that counts is white and without any of the pains and sordid places typical in the films about gay relationships, it seems that some nude scenes have made it be classified as R in some countries. As if we did not see enough nudity in almost every movie!

We encourage you to see it when they premiere it. We are sure that you will enjoy it.

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