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The new gay movie of Madonna

October 9, 2017
La nueva película gay de Madonna

The multifaceted Madonna has decided to regain her facet of film director and is preparing a gay-themed movie, Loved. The motion picture will feature Andrew Sean Greer’s novel “The Impossible Lives of Gretta Wells.”

In the novel, the protagonist Gretta is able to travel to the past thanks to an electroshock treatment. The novel also features Gretta’s brother, Felix, who lives hidden in the closet.

Madonna has always been an icon of the gay community and has gratefully accepted to play that role. With the direction of this film Madonna reaffirms in this facet.

The singer has said that she has been committed to moving the novel to the movies because it affects her deeply, because it shows very interesting aspects and she believes that it is a fantastic opportunity to carry out the project.

It must be remembered that one reason for Madonna’s move to Europe was her rejection of Trump and the repression of the gay community.

The singer is in Portugal collaborating in the writing of the script, immersed in the pre-production. He has revealed that Felix, the twin brother of the protagonist, is a tormented homosexual, who lives in the closet and makes a supposedly heterosexual public life surrounded by women, while he is madly in love with another man.

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