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January 22, 2019

by: LdL

Sometimes it seems that the paternal instinct knows neither of sexual tendencies and in some cases nor of species. In a previous post we commented the news of a couple of male penguins that had tried to appropriate a baby taking advantage of the fact that the mother had gone swimming.

In this case it has not been necessary to resort to tricks since in the aquarium of the city of Sydney a gay couple of penguins, demonstrated to their caregivers their paternal instinct to make a nest with great diligence and to conceal a stone that they put them to confirm those instincts.

His great opportunity came when his caregivers decided to put in the nest they had built, an egg that was being neglected by their parents, thus converting Sphen and Magic of 6 and 3 years into Sphengic’s parents, (of the which is not yet known sex because in penguins the genitals are internal and requires a diagnostic test to know)
It should be mentioned that the expectations of the caregivers were happily confirmed since both parents have been involved in the care of the young with care and dedication.


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