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Enter The Fort

March 1, 2013
Enter The Fort

A dungeon full of Gas Masks, Cock Rings, and Kinky Sex Toys for your pleasure.

Is this the Toy of the Year? We are waggin’ and boned over the Raw Dawg. This knotted k-9 shaft is 3 TOYS IN ONE…a cock sheath…a butt plug…and a jack-off toy. Unlike other cock sheaths, the Raw Dawg is not anchored to your cock, but knots and stays in his hole…the ultimate freedom for the Top. And yeah, it’s ass-pluggin’ sensory OVERLOAD for his bitch bottom.

Raw Dawg is made of the same insanely stretchy SILASKIN material that you find in our Fat Boy Cock Sheaths, it’s a blend of silicone and TPR. It hugs your shaft with soft RIDGES that make fuckin’ or jackin’ mad fun. The KNOT in the shaft of the Raw Dawg helps it STAY PUT in your bitch’s hole. Now keep in mind…Tops hafta keep their thrusts nice n’ slow…cuz if you go too fast it can pop out.

The Raw Dawg makes your cock wider and longer…and gives a cushion against your thrusts…so the bottom can last longer…while he’s getting deliciously STRETCHED. The Raw Dawg has an inside depth of 7 inches, which of course stretches.The knot has a circumference of 7 inches.

The Raw Dawg is safe with all lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. While the Raw Dawg is made of thick material, please be warned that Perfect Fit does NOT warrant its use as a substitute for a condom.


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