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Letters, letters, letters, and more letters

March 12, 2018
Mix de siglas

It is curious, and produces some embarrassment, the dance of acronyms that is leading the LGBT term to refer to a collective increasingly disfigured.

In the beginning the homosexual appellative was used to refer to a person attracted by members of the same sex. Then the term gay imposed. But women did not feel appealed by the term gay and a distinguish was done between lesbian and gay. Up to here the thing was controlled.

Later the bisexual collective was included. As it can be said that the total of the population has a certain percentage of bisexuality, this did no more than blur the collective.

Subsequently, the transsexual collective was included. It is true that they form a subset of the homosexual collective and if you fight for the rights of homosexuals, that includes transsexuals, with their specific problems. Up to here one still said, okay, I buy it.

But what happens now is a joke. Letters are emerging like mushrooms. As soon as someone invents a bullshit, he also invents the acronym that must be included to end up giving something like LGBTTTQQIAA +.

The intention to be inclusive, is coming to include variants that border on fantasy:

No gender
… and others

Let’s see if we stop bullshit and we focus, because this already looks like a circus.

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