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January 30, 2019

Although you have probably already heard on some news or in some digital media the seemingly funny story of the anti-homosexual David Matheson who came out through a Facebook letter after decades of “reconverting” gays in heterosexuals, leaving behind a marriage of more than 30 years (marriage of which he says he is not sorry as he lived very happy moments) in that letter the also ex-Mormon apologizes to those patients who may have hurt (although he denies categorically having used electroshock therapies) also recognizes having helped many of the people who came to his office.

All the above would undoubtedly be a funny anecdote, if not hide behind the drama lived by thousands of people around the world, who for cultural and family pressures, see something sickly as a sexual tendency and sometimes come forced to therapists who supposedly cure them of their homosexuality, this is partly the story of Mr. Matheson who before being a therapist, lived in his own flesh the rejection of their environment.

But as not everything is negative, we would like to highlight the initiative of the United Nations for the prohibition around the world of therapies that are based on the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured, because although it is an idea widely discredited in the scientific field, there is only the express prohibition of such therapies in three countries: Ecuador, Brazil and Malta; In line with the above, the government of the United Kingdom announced last July its commitment to prohibit any type of conversion therapy for homosexuals, a commitment registered in a plan aimed at banishing prejudice and discrimination that according to a recent study, LGBT people still suffer in the UK (not everything was going to be Brexit)

Finally to say goodbye with good news, Angola has decriminalized relations between people of the same sex, punished until very recently with penalties that included prison.


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