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Boom of gay tourism in Spain

October 10, 2017
Auge del turismo gay en España

Spain has become a privileged destination for gay tourism, having promoted and advanced in liberties, human rights and equality. The gay community has rewarded these policies of integration, tolerance and diversity in Spain.

According to the media, gay tourism accounts for 25% of global tourism, moving about 180 million travelers, and continues to grow. More and more travelers are asking about gay-friendly destinations.

In 2016 it was calculated that Spain had a declared gay population of 6.9%, in second place after Germany with 7.4%. That same year 68 million tourists visited Spain, third place in the ranking of most visited countries.

The gay tourist is highly desired as gay tourists have high purchasing power with a tendency to consume significantly.

To attract gay tourism, Spain uses multiple mechanisms: it strives to generate a gay friendly image, ensures its presence at fairs and events, and makes institutional arrangements. Several Spanish destinations are working in this direction.

In the Canary Islands the beach of Maspalomas has uncovered as the main European gay destination. With its invariable climate, the Canary Islands is a tourist destination valid for all times of the year.

Seville is promoting itself to attract gay tourism, seeing that the niche grows and continues to grow year after year. The city looks for an alliance with Torremolinos to offer a pair of cultural tourism and sun and beach.

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the enclaves that more early awakened and were organized to attract gay tourism. Madrid was the first one, creating the Chueca neighborhood, 100% aimed at gay people. Later the initiative was imitated by Barcelona with his Gaixample, another district entirely devoted to gays.

In short, if you are gay and you do tourism, you can not stop visiting Spain.

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