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Laugh not to cry: gay lions need advice

November 8, 2017
Laugh not to cry: gay lions need advice

Kenya is a relatively developed African country, with a GDP that places it between positions 70 and 80 of the world ranking among 194 countries in the world today. Tourism is its main source of income, but it has one of the most diversified economies in East Africa.

Kenya is an ethnically a very diverse country. More than eight ethnic groups coexist in the country. The tensions between them are sometimes the cause of disturbs. Anyway, when we talk about religion, there is a greater uniformity. About 80% of the population is Christian. It remains to be seen if the opinion on homosexuality in Kenya has to do with religious beliefs, although Zacchaeus Okoth, the maximum leader of the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality.

Homosexuality in Kenya is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and the performance of homosexual acts is considered to be grossly indecent.

In this context of opinion about homosexuality, a few days ago some photos came to light made by London-based tour guide Paul Goldstein in which two male lions were seen copulating in the Masai Mara natural park. The guide explains that the two lions were in perfect symmetry next to each other, when one laid down and the other mounted it. And after copulation, of much longer duration than the normal copulation with females, affection followed.

These same relationships between members of the same sex have been observed in more than 1500 species.

The Kenyan authorities have been impelled to come out in response to these photographs, with the most pejorative explanations and justifications.

Ezekeil Mutua, the director of the film classification committee in Kenya, has opined that the only explanation is that the lions have imitated the activities of gay tourists behaving inappropriately in front of them; “Either that or it’s something demonic.” He also suggests that lions would need counseling, although first it would be necessary to confirm that both are really males “because this is not normal”.

The networks have been filled with memes and humorous comments in response.

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