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The double out of the closet

September 24, 2018

We have read an interview with porn actor Logan Moore in Zero Magazine, where he comments that as a porn actor he had to make a double come out, one when he told his family as the big secret that he was gay (and his family told him they already knew it) ), and another when he won the Mr Gay Netherlands contest and began to venture into adult cinema.

This comment made us wonder, are there more double-closet situations? It seems yes, they do.

We read in The ‘coming out of the closet’, a doubly complex situation for people with intellectual disabilities that people with intellectual disabilities are also in a situation of double complexity when it comes to coming out of the closet.

We also read in The double exit from the closet of Simon Nkoli: ‘heterosexismo’ in the anti-apartheid struggles how the racial issue affects in many cases doubly the coming out of the closet of many gays.

We also read in Out of a closet with double padlock how many lesbians suffer a double discrimination, which forces them to break a double border.

There is still a lot of work to be done to achieve the normalization of things that are in themselves very normal.

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