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Mother phones a gay bar to consult how to behave with her son

February 5, 2018
Sipps bar

We read a beautiful story on Facebook.

A son has come out of the closet and has explained to his mother that he is gay. The mother doesn’t know how to react and calls a gay bar to ask what they think the son expects from her. As the mother says, her son has just opened up with her and she doesn’t want to say anything to her son that could create confusion in his head.

Kara Cogley barwoman at the SIPPS bar in Gulfport, Mississippi, responded in a magnificent way. If you accept this condition of your son, you just have to tell him that you love him and accept him as he is. I think everything will be fine starting from there. The mother said, yes, I accept him if it is what he wants.

In 17 years as a bartender it is the first time that Kara receives such consultation. But from here we say, we wish more people would have asked her about how to act with their children.

Congratulations Kara! And congratulations to the mother and her son whose identity we do not know, they will do very well in the future if they follow the advice.

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